Clinical Hypnotherapist & Certified Life Coach in Costa Mesa, California

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Life Coaching & Auramed Imaging Counseling

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle with advice and guidance from Belief Is A Potent Medicine. Practitioner Elke Keil is a clinical hypnotherapist who helps you understand how your mind can affect your health and success.

She explains how to identify issues with your aura and energy and, if a problem is found, helps you correct it with the power of positive thoughts. Through life coaching, she helps you train your brain to eliminate negative thoughts so that you can achieve your goals.

Elke Keil Biography

Make a positive change in your life with coaching and counseling from Elke Keil. In addition to her extensive training, she brings life experience to her work because she once suffered from debilitating back and nerve problems. Through positive thinking, she was able to overcome her health issues. To learn more about our practitioner, we invite you to read the Elke Keil biography.

Schedule an appointment with our clinical hypnotherapist and certified life coach in Costa Mesa, California, for healthy living advice.

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About Us

Improve your body and mind with counseling from our clinical hypnotherapist and certified life coach in Costa Mesa, California. Elke Keil of Belief Is A Potent Medicine works with people who are looking for an alternative to conventional medicine for their physical and mental problems.

She is one of the few practitioners in the United States who uses the Auramed Images System™ as part of an effective counseling and therapy program. Elke uses the device to help restore and maintain your health by reducing your dependence on medication.